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On Irreligion and Drug Use

A friend alerted me to the following story today. Despite its utilitarian approach to religious conviction, the essay is certainly worth sharing. Parents do their best to provide a wholesome, healthy environment for children in the Newburyport area, yet it’s often to no avail. Scores of young people find their lives ruined by drugs, as evidenced most recently in a spate of heroin overdoses. It doesn’t have to be this way. We have in our midst a powerful, much-overlooked tool that’s been proven in other regions to help young people come of age, healthy and whole. The tool is...

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The Church is not Dying, but…..

Ed Stetzer has written an essay for the Christianity Today blog that should be of interest to those who’ve been thinking about the secularization of American culture, the rise of the nones, etc. Stetzer insists that the church in American is not dying, and he worries that too many people are misusing stats to foment panic and ultimately demoralize the faithful. At the same time, he takes a very sober and realistic approach to the challenges that Christians are facing in the midst of a society that really is becoming increasingly secular. If you are a church leader, or...

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David Hart on the New Atheism

In recent years, atheist critics of religion have been quite aggressive in working to get their message out. Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and a host of others have published popular books attacking theistic belief, and they’ve done a nice job promoting their work via television interviews, public debates, lecture tours, and the like. Generally speaking, the arguments of the “New Atheists,” as they are often called, are not so new at all. Indeed, anyone who encounters the thinkers mentioned above after having read deeply in nineteenth and twentieth century atheist thought will see many of...

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End of the School Year Message

Dear Friends, Now that the 2014/2015 school year has come to a close, I would like to offer a word of thanks to everyone who supported our efforts, attended our events, and offered words and messages of encouragement. The Center for Christian Faith & Culture had a very productive and successful year. We put on nine public events, which included six academic lectures, two pastor’s luncheons, and a workshop on prayer. The response from the hundreds of community members in attendance has been both positive and appreciative. In addition to our public events, we planned and hosted a symposium on Christian Higher Education...

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Preacher’s Workshop

Dear Friend, Thank you for your interest in the Preachers’ College, which will take place from Thursday, April 30th through Saturday, May 2nd of 2015. Dr. Scott Gibson, the Haddon W. Robinson Professor of Preaching and Ministry and Director of Gordon Conwell’s Center for Preaching will lead the workshop on Malone’s campus. Workshop Description: Our objective is to provide men and women who have been called to preach with the essential tools needed to compose and present biblical, relevant, and effective sermons. Whether you are a layperson with occasional preaching responsibilities, an experienced pastor looking to refine your skills...

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