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A Meditation for Sunday Morning – 12/1/13

“There is nothing therefore which draws us away from the exterior senses to within ourselves, and from there to Jesus Christ and things divine, more than the love of Christ and the desire for the sweetness of Christ, for the experience, awareness and enjoyment of the presence of Christ’s divinity. For there is nothing but the power of love which can lead the soul from the things of earth to the lofty summit of heaven. Nor can anyone attain the supreme beatitude unless summoned to it by love and yearning. Love after all is the life of the soul,...

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Center for Theology & Ministry featured in Canton Repository

CTM was the focus of a half-page article in the 11/2/13 edition of the Canton Repository. Charita Goshay staff writer Posted Nov. 2, 2013 @ 10:00 am Canton Once upon a time, universities and churches shared a common goal that Christians become more learned about their faith. Today, the two entities rarely cross paths. Theologian Bryan Hollon is working to change the dynamic. He’s the founding director of Malone University’s new Center for Theology & Ministry. “It’s something I’ve been thinking about as long as I’ve been at Malone,” he said. Hollon said he wants the center to...

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Humility and Repentance, Chapter 7 Review, by Rachel Hunka

Summary Kelly Kapic’s book “A Little Book for New Theologians” aims to simplify the basics of theology for those beginning their personal journey through the study of God. In Chapter 6, Kapic explains the crucial roles of humility and repentance in theology. In explaining humility, Kapic writes, “pride has lost sight of the gap between the holy Creator and sinful humanity, producing self-absorption and contempt for others. Humility has a vision of God’s majesty, love and forgiveness in Christ, producing love for God and one’s neighbors.” (71). To define repentance, Kapic writes, “repentance occurs not only when we recognize...

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Only Theology Can Save the University

The author of the essay quoted below, Reinhart Hutter, is German, so you’ll need to focus and perhaps grab a dictionary if you plan to get through the entire piece. However, if you are interested in the nature and current state of college and university education, then this is well worth the effort. I’ve pasted the first two paragraphs and offered a link to the rest. University education delivers goods that are seen as commodities, as purchasable means to satisfy individual desires and solve collective problems. The knowledge it offers is a production, a techne that is a means to an...

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“Suffering, Justice, and Knowing God,” Chapter 8 Review, by Corey Easterday

Summary of Chapter 8: The premise of Chapter 8 is “theology that lacks compassion and action is no theology at all.” Kapic points out in scripture how worship of God, keeping oneself unstained & pure, and getting into the messiness of loving people are all intimately woven together. He discusses the fallacy in thinking that our chief function as theologians and followers of Christ is to  avoid the world so as to remain pure. He gives us a picture of a God who does not avoid the world, but rather gets right down into the mess with it. “The majestic...

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